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Lake Park was destined for the working class, not actually intended to be a resort-style getaway for the affluent. The town was purchased by Bostonian, Harry Seymour Kelsey when he snapped up 30,000 acres of West Palm Beach at the turn of the 1920s, which eventually soared to 100,000 acres. It became a vibrant settlement for all who craved its revolutionary lands.

Lake Park is still the hotspot it was during its original conception. Drawing young families, professionals, and retirees to its shores. It also boasts a single public school, Lake Park Elementary serving K-5, with A-rated education. It’s perfect for families with developing young children.  

Homes in the area have a median sell price of around $239k 

Whether you’re seeking a condo, gated community, single or multiple-family home, Lake Park real estate market will captivate. Architecture styles are 19th century Mediterranean Revival, Ranch, and Modern. These will soon include the new Lake Park Marina, high rise Luxe Waterfront Residences–Nautilus 220. These multi-use condominiums will have upscale and casual dining restaurants on their bottom floor, open to the public, and luxury condos above which offer waterfront views to relish. Lake Park is a fantastic opportunity for investors as well as professionals. 

Residential areas aren’t the only desirable attractions. The historic, waterfront Kelsey Park features a winding path of sprawling lush green lawn, with a labyrinth of walkable pathways. The path winds through benches and a beautifully weathered fountain as you enter through the Kelsey Park archway, it also features a playground. The park was named in honor of Harry Seymour Kelsey. 

From Kelsey Park, you’ll have the most expansive view of the Palm Beach Inlet and Singer Island Bridge from their east-facing dock. The paved walkway and seating area at the inlets banks makes watching the water lap at the dock walls and the crisp feel of the salty breeze on your cheeks such a joy. 

And please do anticipate the flavorful, bold, multicultural. You’ll want to try the Peruvian, Ceviche Arigato, their chaufa is the rave. For homestyle, comfort eats, you’ll want to try the Southern Kitchen, and for a true mom and pop experience, Barbie’s Place. Most folks haven’t had a meal there they didn’t love. You’ll have your pick of takeout, pubs, casual and upscale dining. 

Some other activities can be found in Lake Park’s Downtown strip which is still in the midst of renewal and will retain much of the original Kelsey City look and feel. The strip includes: The Lake Park Art District, Kelsey Theatre, and The Brewhouse Gallery offering nightly happy hours, line and salsa dancing, open mics, jazz nights, the Rust Market, and other themed nightlife, and weekend outdoor events. 

Want an extremely walkable, small, waterfront town feel with the hipster city vibrations? Learn more about Lake Park now. 

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