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Ways to Make Your Pantry Door Stand Out

The pantry may be a kitchen necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Whether
you’re thinking of a full-fledged kitchen makeover or just making a few tiny tweaks to
freshen up your kitchen and get organized, these pantry door ideas span the spectrum from
crafty DIY chalkboard paint to statement-making barn doors for a fresh farmhouse aesthetic.


Built-in Pantry Shelves

Add built-in shelves to maximize storage in your
walk-in pantry, and then spruce it up with a fun
sliding door that can easily be shut if things should
ever get cluttered. (Never!).


Etched Glass Pantry Door

These oh-so-pretty etched pantry panes boast a heaping
helping of charm that will work in any style of kitchen.
Pro tip: Offset your pantry doors a few inches from the
wall to mimic the look of free-standing furniture.

DIY Curtain Pantry Door

When you don’t want to share with the world exactly
which sugary cereals you stock in your pantry, install a
sweet fabric curtain. It allows for quick and easy access
while keeping your love for Fruit Loops your little secret.

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