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Snowbird Checklist

__ Bring Anything indoors that may blow around in a wind storm or hurricane.
__ Have your roof inspected for damage or leaks.
__ Verify that sprinkler heads work properly and that cycle times are set correctly for the season.
__ Leave garage door opener on the kitchen counter in an easy to find spot.
__ Set AC thermostat to about 78 to prevent mold growth. If humidistat is installed, set to 40-60% relative humidity.
__ Leave ceiling fans on low to promote air circulation.
__ Move furniture away from walls and pull out loose cushions to allow air circulation to retard mold growth.
__ Close and lock windows.
__ Close curtains and blinds.
__ Install security bars in sliding doors.
__ Cover furniture with dust covers.
__ Unplug electronic devices that do not need electricity while you are away.
__ Poor a diluted mixture of bleach and water down all drains and toilets, including the AC and washing machine drains.
__ Cover toilets bowls with plastic wrap.
__ Run ice cubes through the garbage disposal; then flush with baking soda and water. Finally, spray the inside of the disposal
with WD-40 and put stopper in place.
__ Place ant traps near piping or where pipe holes exist in the flooring or walls (under sinks, in vanities, behind toilets, etc).
__ Set water heater to low or off.
__ Dispose of food products that could spoil or draw bugs.
__ Check plumbing for leaks; look for wet areas or water stains in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas.
__ Thoroughly clean appliances, including the the toaster, oven, and range. Don’t forget to clean the drip pans.
__ Find a trustworthy neighbor or home watch company and leave them a house key so they can periodically inspect the house.
__ If possible, turn off water pressure to home.
__ Ensure that all doors are locked.
__ Turn on the security system.

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Christine Dekant

Christine has been selling residential real estate in Palm Beach County for the past 5 years. Since starting her career in 2012, she and her team have been consistently top producers. Clients choose to work with Christine for her full service, ethics, experience, and expertise. Christine has consistently shown the ability to satisfy clients in the buying and selling of their homes. Her strong base of loyal and repeat customers is the reason she has been so successful over the past five years in this incredibly competitive sales environment. Quite simply, she is trusted. Christine's extensive knowledge of the Palm Beach County area is impressive. She also has extensive knowledge of the surrounding counties. Christine prides herself on giving all of her clients the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market, its trends, its comparable sales and property values giving a realistic outlook in today's market. Prior to starting a career in Real Estate, Christine was an Accountant with a local electric company with interests throughout the United States working in wind, solar and other "green" enterprises. Christine has selected an experienced broker and team members that reflect her commitment to ethics and client service.

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