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Jupiter Celebrity Owned Restaurants: 1000 North Meets The Woods

Tiger Woods Masters Win Michael Jordans Iconic Dunk Competition
Tiger Woods Iconic 2019 5th PGA Masters Win, Michael “Air” Jordan Iconic 1988 Dunk Competition

Two of the greatest forces in sports history take a quantum leap restaurateur glory– with a slam dunk and a whole in one respectively. The living icons Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods did just that, opening their equally legendary, palate-tingly haunt homes in Jupiter’s back yard. 1000 North is waterfront overlooking the Jupiter Inlet and is a literal lighthouse for your mouth while The Woods is an illustrious sports bar event that’ll make you feel like you won the PGA Tour Championship.

Michael Jordan’s 1000 North 

Photo By 1000 North

Whether you want to stride in with the wind under your feet, casual and distinct, or glide in on your family boat like a breath of sea-salted fresh air on 1000 North’s open dock, the four dining options are set to awe. Co-owned by Michael Jordan it’s no wonder 1000 North is so dynamic. The Club Lounge is the second-floor penthouse of 1000 North. The members-only, private club eatery has a dedicated limited menu and the solitude of a private island with the view and comforts to boot.  

If you’re important enough (just kidding), you’ll have concierge services, first dibs on reservations, and docking privileges, and chef’s table options. 1000 North’s main dining area is open to the public and offers an American regional fair. Fans of the locale tout the prime rib as the best they’ve ever had, as well as the oysters and stone crab claws. The Tavern dining room is the dedicated sports bar area with a seasonal menu and the perfect sitting place to watch your favorite teams in a relaxed environment. Finally, The Terrace is the coastal themed deck dining area where you can enjoy the pomp and luxury of outdoor seating with the fresh breeze and comfort of the interior dining room.

1,000 North won Diners Choice in 2020, make it your choice this year.

Book public reservations here.

Tiger Woods’ The Woods

The Woods Instagram

With all of the many championship wins under Tiger’s belt, they were unrivaled by the nomadic road meals which took away the comfort of a great home-cooked sit-down meal. The Woods is how Tiger brought it all back home, making food what it was meant to be–enjoyed, savored, and delicious. The goal, Tiger said, was an “elevated sports bar” experience. Diners can enjoy The Woods daily happy hour, brunch, and dedicated wine and cigar list. Whether you decide to dine in or enjoy the outdoor patio views the refinement and poise will be unmatched.

Customary of a sports bar, The Woods is dimly lit and decorated with flat screens from wall to wall, tuned to golf of course. Your bill comes to you on a golf card and servers are in full golf attire. Crowd pleasers are the designer cocktails, ribs, and buffalo calamari dressed with a side of blue cheese. If you’re a golf connoisseur or love themed restaurants you’ll get a putt out of The Woods.

Make your reservations here.

Making Jupiter Your Home

 If golfing is your pastime, or you’ve wanted to get into the sport, and have always wanted a home near the courses, you’ll want to check out the local golf courses in Jupiter. We’ve created a list of Jupiter’s best courses here.

If you want to enjoy fancy cuisines and restaurant experiences like those featured in 1000 North and The Woods, check out our Jupiter Real Estate and Jupiter Community Guides to discover more about this nautical seaside gem. 

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