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How to Snag a Sale with a Successful Open House


How to Snag a Sale with a Successful Open House

Deciding to put your home on the market was enough work in itself, but now it’s time to prepare your home for an open house. An open house is your home’s time to shine, showcasing all the wonderful things you love about your humble abode, and showing why someone else should make this house a home. You will likely have several open houses and showings, because according to Redfin, “Most homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, stay on the market for 85 days and receive 1 offer.” Three months on the market and one offer means that you need to ensure your home is at its best – here’s how:

Clean From Top to Bottom

Cleaning your home prior to having buyers take a look at it seems obvious enough, but it’s an important step. Potential buyers are looking at your home with a magnifying glass, and they’ll notice the pet fur balls under the couch and finger smudges on the windowsills. Follow your regular cleaning routine, but pay extra attention to details such as wall smudges, marks on the floor, dirty windows, grimy bathtubs, etc. Go the extra mile and make sure all beds are made, rooms dusted, and towels are freshened. Don’t forget to give the exterior of your home some love too by mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and picking up the newspapers that have piled up. As you are cleaning and organizing, lock away your valuable items, and store any items you’d prefer buyers not touch.

Stage Like a Pro

Staging your home can help your house sell sooner by enabling potential buyers to envision themselves in your home. In order to do that, you’ll need to spend some time depersonalizing and removing clutter. While it might seem a little harsh, it will be difficult for buyers to picture themselves living there amongst the family photos and your collection of various knick-knacks. Instead of taking it to heart, consider it a great way to get ahead of the packing game. While you are at it, organize the closets – buyers will be looking everywhere. Consider adding a few special touches with fresh flowers and light refreshments. Go through each room in your home and freshen it up. Check out this list HGTV put together, with staging suggestions for every room in your home.

Get Online

According to statistics reported by US News, 92 percent of homebuyers use the internet to search for a home. While your real estate agent will likely advertise your open house on various listing services, you are encouraged to use social media to spread the word. “Friends, neighbors, colleagues and relatives could know someone who is looking, plus you never know who outside your direct network might stumble across your tweet or Facebook post,” US News says. Put up flyers at places you frequent such as the gym or your favorite coffee shop. Any way you can think of to help spread the word will heighten your chances of a successful open house

Arrange to be Away

In your eyes, it seems like it would be a good idea to stick around to answer questions and showcase hidden gems, but from a buyer’s perspective, this puts on a lot of pressure. Make plans to be out of the home so that buyers feel comfortable giving their honest opinion and feedback. This same idea applies to pets. The buyer might be a dog lover, but some aren’t, and having yours around can be a turn-off. Arrange for your pet to stay with you, a friend, or elsewhere so that buyers can focus on your home without distractions.

An open house is an opportunity for buyers to peruse your home to see what it has to offer. Impressions matter, so make sure your home leaves a good one by dedicating time to cleaning, staging, and advertising. Once all the hard work is done, make yourself scarce and let the offers come to you.


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